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Ebensee, the lake "Traunsee" and the region of "Salzkammergut" are offering a lot of tourist and sport activities. Below you find a selection of popular touristist destinations, which can be reached by foot, train or car.


Show caves

Gassel-Tropfsteinhöhle (hiking trip 3 hours or bus shutlle from congress venue)

Koppenbrüllerhöhle (train or 45 km drive)

Dachsteinhöhlen (train/bus/cablecar or 45 km drive)



Traunkirchen (train, boat or 6 km drive)

Gmunden (train, boat or 18 km drive)

Bad Ischl (train or 15 km drive)

Hallstatt (train/boat or 40 km drive)


Hiking & Mountainierung

Feuerkogel (cable car station 15 minutes walk from congress venue)

Sonnstein und Sonnsteinhütte (hiking trip from congress venue)

Erlakogel (hiking trip from congress venue)



Traunsee (ship landing next to congress venue)

Vorderer und hinterer Langbathsee (5 km drive)
Offensee (10 km drive)

Wolfgangsee (train/bus or 35 km drive)

Hallstättersee (train or 35 km drive)



KZ-Gedenkstätte und Zeitgeschichte-Museum (next to congress venue)

Museum Ebensee (next to congress venue)

Naturmuseum Salzkammergut (train or 8 km drive)




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12th Eurospeleo Forum in Ebensee

The Austrian Speleological Association and the Speleological Society of Ebensee would like to welcome all European cavers in the heart of the lake district „Salzkammergut“. The meeting will be held on the 23rd - 26th of August 2018.

The motto of the congress "Speleology - Connecting Science" refers to the function of cave reserach as a link and point of intersection for different fields of science and knowledge.

Ebensee – a town of 8.000 inhabitants – is not only known for its long cultural history and natural beauty, but also for high amount of caves (around 200) surrounding the city. The „Schönberg-Cave System“ (over 140km long) or the „Hirlatzhöhle“ (over 100km long) are only two of them.

Ebensee has a very good highway and railway access and represents an ideal starting point for underground and “overground” excursion to mountains and caves of the lake district „Salzkammergut“, to four managed show caves and the world heritage site „Dachstein“ near the old salt town “Hallstatt”.


Download the First Circular (PDF)


Partners and Field trip organisers:

Speleological Society of Hallstatt-Obertraun

Speleological Society of Upper Austria

Speleological Society in Obersteier

Speleological Society of Vienna and Lower Austria

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