Registration modalities for the excursions

All registrations must be made in writing by means of the online registration form. An excursion spot is considered as reserved from the receipt of the full excursion fee on the account of the caving club: Verein für Höhlenkunde Ebensee (Sparkasse Salzkammergut, IBAN: AT63 2031 4055 0002 8286, BIC/SWIFT: SKBIAT21XXX).


Cancellation of an excursion

The excursion team of the EuroSpeleo 2018 reserves the right to cancel the excursion due to the prevailing weather, illness or other reasons. If the excursion does not take place, the paid fee will be refunded.


Accident insurance

All participants of the excursions must have a private accident-rescue and consequential cost insurance. This is sometimes given by a membership in an alpine or speleological club or automobile club. It is generally recommended to take out alpine accident insurance, as it is offered in Austria to almost all club members or members of alpine clubs organized within the Austrian Speleological Association (VÖH). For guests from abroad, we also recommend the conclusion of your own travel accident or a private international health insurance. Helicopter rescues are chargeable in Austria!


Responsibility and risks

Participation in the excursions or parts thereof (especially the caving tours) is voluntary and selfresponsible. All participants are responsible for their own personal actions and decisions during excursions and the caving tours offered, in particular for the functionality of their equipment and their caving techniques, as well as leaving the group. Speleology also carries risks of accident and injury that are not or only slightly influenced (for example, rockfall). Therefore, it must always be noted in all excursions offered that there is an increased risk of accidents and injuries (for example risk of tumbling, falling, rockfall, lightning, etc.), which cannot be completely reduced or even excluded by prudent care by our excursion leaders. This basic alpine risk must be borne by all participants themselves. Alpine risk management is always a task for all concerned. All participants are therefore expected to have a reasonable degree of personal responsibility, prudence, adequate physical and mental fitness, adequate preparation, complete and intact equipment, but also an increased level of risk-taking. Each participant is therefore also responsible for his / her risk minimization. Our excursion leaders were specially selected for the respective excursion on the basis of their personal knowledge and abilities. They endeavour to limit the risk as much as possible and will provide the best possible care for all participants during the excursions. Risk minimization is always a top priority at the conference excursions.


Personal equipment

The personal equipment must be assembled independently, at your own expense, completely and in good condition. Special requirements according to the excursion descriptions are to be observed. Missing, unsuitable or unserviceable pieces of equipment cannot be supplemented by the excursion team. Therefore, please put together the necessary personal equipment in a timely and complete manner! If you have any questions or questions, please contact the EuroSpeleo 2018 excursion team.


Physical and mental conditions

Depending on the type and duration of the excursion, an adequate state of health and physical condition as well as a sufficient stamina are indispensable conditions of participation. Likewise, there must be a basic psychic ability to handle caves (no claustrophobia or heights anxiety, other states of anxiety or mental health problems). If there are any uncertainties regarding these conditions, please clarify them before the excursion or before signing up with the EuroSpeleo 2018 excursion team. If a non-suitability turns out during the excursion, a consensual termination of the excursion or termination of excursion participation must be considered for safety reasons. See also "Exclusion from the excursion".


Alpinistic and caving specific prerequisites

Prerequisite for participation in an excursion is the mastery of the specified difficulties or caving techniques (for example: single-rope technique). Participants need to be able to and have sufficient experience to be able to cope independently and safely with these difficulties. Uncertainties regarding your own abilities or suitability for any excursion should be discussed in advance with the EuroSpeleo 2018 excursion team.


Age of majority

At the time of the excursion, participants must have reached the age of majority under Austrian law (18 years of age) or be accompanied by a legal guardian or have the written, explicit consent of a legal guardian.


Exclusion from the excursion / cancellation of an excursion

The excursion leaders may in exceptional cases prohibit persons from (further) participating in an excursion or cancel an excursion. Reasons for such a measure can be, for example:
Defective, unsuitable or missing personal equipment.
Deliberate disregard or failure to follow safety instructions from the leaders.
Inadequate physical condition or mental fitness for the respective excursion.
As general rule: persons under influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to participate in excursions!


Cancellation policy

In case of deregistration until 01.08.2018 at the latest, the paid excursion fee will be returned. In case of a deregistration - for whatever reason - within 4 days before the excursion, or no-show at the excursion meeting point, unfortunately we cannot refund any money for organizational reasons. We therefore recommend that all participants take out a travel cancellation insurance with appropriate insurance coverage.
If, however, the vacated excursion spot can still be booked by someone else well in advance of the beginning of the excursion, the paid course fee, less a processing fee of EUR 2, will be refunded.


Contacts of the excursion team

Excursion team of EuroSpeleo 2018: Emanuel Zeindlinger, Peter Ludwig, Eckart Herrmann
Email: fieldtrip@eurospeleo.at