Oral Presentations and Posters


Talks and poster presentations will be given during the EuroSpeleo Forum 2018 in the following symposia:

♦ Cave Biology
♦ Cave Geology
♦ Caves, Culture & History
♦ Cave Exploration & Expeditions
♦ Cave Rescue
♦ EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium
♦ Methods, Tools & Techniques
♦ Show Caves & Public Relations


Poster presenters are required to attend the Poster Reception, Friday, August 24, 5:30-6:30 PM. During the reception, poster presenters should be available at their posters to answer questions from attendees about their work. A formal presentation is not required. The maximum size for posters is 120 cm x 90 cm (landscape or portrait format).

We are proud to present the following keynote speakers:


Darko Bakšić & al.
(Croatian Mountain Rescue Service – Cave Rescue Commission)
TITLE: “A new approach to cave rescue team leader training”


Jelena Ćalić
(Serbian Academy of Sciences)
TITLE: “cave explorations along the danube course”


Bernard Chirol
(International Union of Speleology)
TITLE: “Women underground: a world history of female contribution to speleology”


Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
(University of Vienna)
TITLE: “An often overlooked cornerstone of cave life: fungi, observed on a global and national level”


Francesco Sauro
(La Venta Associazione di Esplorazioni Geografiche, Treviso)
TITLE: “Into the heart of the world: 25 years of exploration of La Venta Association”


Jo De Waele
(University of Bologna)
TITLE: “Observe, describe, and maybe understand: the difficult job of grasping speleogenesis”


5th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium

Dear all,
Please find the first circular in
English (PDF)
French (PDF)
German (PDF)
for the 5th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium. The subject of the Symposium is "Connecting Science with Cave Protection" More on this in the circular.

For any enquiries questions and remarks please check the ESF2018 website or send us a mail for protection matters.
Please visit the ECPC Facebook Webpage to get more information on general European Cave Protection Commission work.

See you in Ebensee,
Jean-Claude Thies
(ECPC President)


1st EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium


23rd August, 8:00-13:00
Visit of the Dachstein Rieseneishöhle (Giant Ice Cave) including a bus transfer from and to ebensee. This year the ice cave was fully equipped with a new LED lighting system and effect installations! This excursion is specially for participants of the show cave symposium.

Registration is required! The maximum number of participants is 40 persons! The bus transfer and cave entry is free for the participants of the show cave Workshop.

Additional option: it is possible after the visit of the ice cave also to visit the Mammoth Cave and the Koppenbrüller Cave or take the cable car to the Krippenstein (5 finger viewing platform). In this case, the selfreturn to Ebensee by train would be required.

23rd August, 13:00-14:30
Oral presentations in a session „Show Caves & Public Relations“

24th August, 9:00-10:30
Oral presentations in a session on „Show Caves & Public Relations“

24th August, 11:00-12:30
Show Cave Workshop:
♦ 30 min. of short presentations (max. 10 à 3 min.) – please send the request for registration to
♦ How does collaboration between show caves and speleologists work?
♦ On which basis a scientific exchange can take place?
♦ Speleological public relations during guided tours, at current events, day of the caves and Underground Worlds every June 6th, Year of the caves and Karst 2021?
♦ Preview to future show cave symposia as part of the Fse
♦ Discussion

24th August, 13:30-20:00
Excursion to the Eisriesenwelt in Werfen, the largest ice cave in the world, including a bus transfer from/to Ebensee. This excursion is organised for participants of the Show Cave Symposium.
Registration is required!
The max. number of participants is 40 persons! The bus transfer and cave entry are free for the participants of the symposium. Please register for the symposium!

Fritz Oedl
(European Contact Group on Show Caves)


1st EuroSpeleo Art Symposium

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank all of the artists who participated our first EuroSpeleo-Art Symposium in the frame of the 12th EuroSpeleo Forum in Ebensee.
My special thanks goes to Lucia Radwan, the artist from Poland/Austria not only for her wonderful art but also for her helps and supports in during the exhibition. But I would like also to thank other artists as Samvel Shahinian (Armenia), Angela Szabo (Romania), Thomas Resch (Austria), Olga Korneeva (Russia/Belgium), Françoise Buisseret (Belgium), Heinrich Umbach (Germany) and Heike Jerome (Germany) for joining the exhibition with their great art works.

Art competition

The Winners of Art Exhibition according to the public's votes:
1. Angela Szabo
Exploration through Earth, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 150 cm
2. Olga Korneeva
Exploration of Tham Belgaga - Laos - Khammouane (Photograph of Bartholeyn, J. P.), 2018,
watercolour on paper, 29 x 39 cm
3. Thomas Resch
Krabbler, 2018, sediments on paper, 20 x 30 cm

Taraneh Khaleghi