Oral Presentations and Posters


The programme of EuroSpeleo Forum 2018 includes the following symposia:

♦ Cave Geology
♦ Cave Biology
♦ Caves, Culture & History
♦ Cave Exploration & Expeditions
♦ Cave Rescue
♦ EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium
♦ EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium
♦ EuroSpeleo Art Symposium


Oral presentations (15 min lecture, 5 min discussion) and posters (landscape format, maximum height 90 cm, maximum width 120 cm) are welcome. Symposium language is English. Presentations in German are accepted when headings and captions in the slides are in English. Participants are invited to submit abstracts (max. 250 words) or extended abstracts (max. 4 pages in length) of their contributions by the end of January, 2018.

Since the abstracts will be collected in a printed publication, authors are requested to carefully follow the instructions of the following templates:

All abstract applications must be sent by email to

Submissions undergo a reviewing process. The scientific committee reserves the right to request revision of the abstract and to decide upon acceptance as oral presentation or as poster. For the participants of the EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium, the reviewing process lays in the responsibility of the European Cave Protection Commission

Important Deadlines
Abstract Submission Deadline: 31st January 2018
Notification of Acceptance: 31st March 2018


5th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium

Following the success of the 4th ESPS in Dalesbridge (GB) in the year 2016, the European Cave Protection Commission is proud to announce that a 5th edition of the EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium will be held during the EuroSpeleo Forum 2018 in Ebensee, Austria.

The European Cave Protection Commission’s organisation team for the symposium has already started its work and the aim is to present you the best presentations for the main topics. In the same spirit as for all previous symposia the team has the ambition to get speakers from all parts of the world which are presenting multiple aspects of cave protection, theories, studies and best examples.

We are inviting all cavers to participate at this 5th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium in Austria. Abstracts of oral presentations may be submitted on the conference website.

ESPS circulars will be issued later this year with all topics, details, and useful information.

Please visit the ECPC Facebook Webpage to get more information on general European Cave Protection Commission work.

See you in Ebensee,
Jean-Claude Thies
(ECPC President)


1st EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium

For some time, the idea has been pursued to integrate the show caves of Europe better in the agendas of FSE.

A working group was set up for this purpose, which is initially dealt with the questions how far is there an interest of the show caves and in what form a (better) cooperation is appropriate and desired. It is conceived that in various events of the FSE, especially in the framework of the EuroSpeleo Forum, also some show cave symposia and workshops could be held, which could deal with individual topics, such as new lighting systems, experiences of high-frequency show caves or experiences in the area of so-called adventure tours, etc.

The primary purpose of this idea is, on the one hand, an exchange of experience among the show caves and, on the other hand, to strengthen the mutual understanding between the world of speleology and that of the show caves, and to realize a mutual benefit from such encounters.

The first symposium is conceived within the framework of the 12th EuroSpeleo Forum in Ebensee. We invite all show cave operators and cave explorers to a knowledge exchange at the "1st EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium" in Austria. Presentations can be submitted via a template on the conference website.

Fritz Oedl
(European Contact Group on Show Caves)


1st EuroSpeleo Art Symposium

The symposium aims to link the scientific aspects and concepts of speleology in different art forms through intercultural exchange. The artists present their ideas, emotions and fantasies about caves and cave research with different media such as painting, sketching, photography, computer graphics, ceramics and sculpture, textiles, mixing techniques, but also poetry.

The symposium will be conducted by a group of artists from different countries with particular interest in caves. Presentations and workshops outside and inside caves are meant to demand an artistic exchange of experience.

In this sense, all artist-cavers are invited to participate in this symposium with their works of art, photographs, documentaries, texts as well as presentations, and workshops.

The works will be exhibited in the Art Salon, or presented in the form of a lecture.

Taraneh Khaleghi





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12th Eurospeleo Forum in Ebensee

The Austrian Speleological Association and the Speleological Society of Ebensee would like to welcome all European cavers in the heart of the lake district „Salzkammergut“. The meeting will be held on the 23rd - 26th of August 2018.

The motto of the congress "Speleology - Connecting Science" refers to the function of cave reserach as a link and point of intersection for different fields of science and knowledge.

Ebensee – a town of 8.000 inhabitants – is not only known for its long cultural history and natural beauty, but also for high amount of caves (around 200) surrounding the city. The „Schönberg-Cave System“ (over 140km long) or the „Hirlatzhöhle“ (over 100km long) are only two of them.

Ebensee has a very good highway and railway access and represents an ideal starting point for underground and “overground” excursion to mountains and caves of the lake district „Salzkammergut“, to four managed show caves and the world heritage site „Dachstein“ near the old salt town “Hallstatt”.


Download the First Circular (PDF)


Partners and Field trip organisers:

Speleological Society of Hallstatt-Obertraun

Speleological Society of Upper Austria

Speleological Society in Obersteier

Speleological Society of Vienna and Lower Austria

Congress Committees

Chairs: Johannes Mattes, Dietmar Kuffner

Organising Committee:

Dietmar Kuffner, Ernest Geyer, Walter Greger

Scientific Committee:

Johannes Mattes, Erhard Christian, Lukas Plan

Congress Secretaries:

Barbara Wielander, Pauline Oberender, Oliver Heil

Congress Treasurers:

Christian Schasching, Jasmin Landertshammer

Field trip Committee:

Emanuel Zeindlinger, Eckart Herrmann, Peter Ludwig

Information and credits

Verein für Höhlenkunde Ebensee

Reindlmühl 48, 4814 Neukirchen, Austria

Bank account:

Verein für Höhlenkunde Ebensee

IBAN: AT63 2031 4055 0002 8286


Bank name: Sparkasse Salzkammergut